Jul 6, 2011

Revisiting CHI 2011: Videos of Interactive Touch, Gesture, Large Surface, and Mobile Apps with Potential for Use in Education (CHI = Computer Human Interaction)

One of my interests is how the power and potential post-WIMP interactive technologies can be harnessed for use for formal and informal education purposes, including life-long collaborative learning.  

In May, I had a chance to meet with a number of like-minded people during the CHI 2011 conference at the 2nd Workshop on UI Technologies and Impact on Educational Pedagogy.  I was impressed with the depth and breadth of the presentations at the workshop.   Since then, I've been looking through other papers and videos from CHI 2011 to find interesting applications that hold potential for use in educational settings.  

I've come across a good number of interesting applications and prototypes, so be sure to check back for future posts on this topic.  For now, here are a few applications that I'd like to share.  

Below are a few videos from Phillip Chi-Wing Fu.  (He doesn't know it yet, but I've admitted his videos into the Post-WIMP Explorers' Club.)

Interactive Multi-touch Sketching Interface for Diffusion Curves

"A novel multi-touch sketching interface enabling interactive and practical design with 2D diffusion curves is proposed; featured interaction techniques include simultaneous sketching of multiple diffusion curves and at-the-spot colors tuning."

Distinguishing Multiple Smart-Phone Interactions on a Multi-touch Wall Display using Tilt Correlation

"This paper proposes a novel matching technique, called tilt correlation, which employs the built-in tilt sensor on smart-phones to identify their concurrent contacts on a common multi-touch wall display."

WYSIWYF: Exploring and Annotating Volume Data with a Tangible Handheld Device (CHI 2011)

"Integration of a multi-touch wall display with a tangible handheld device with multi-touch and tilt sensing capabilities to provide intuitive what-you-see-is-what-you-feel visual exploration and annotation of volume data."

The following videos were uploaded by alucero:

Pass-Them-Around: Collaborative Use of Mobile Phones for Photo Sharing (CHI 2011)

"Pass-Them-Around is a phone-based application that allows a small group of collocated people to share photos using the metaphor of passing paper photos around. The prototype encourages people to share their devices and use them interchangeably while discussing photos face-to-face. The prototype supports ad-hoc photo sharing in different contexts by taking into account the spatial arrangement of users around a table, measured with sensors embedded in their mobile phones."

The next video was part of MobileHCI '10:
MindMap: Collaborative Use of Mobile Phones for Brainstorming

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