Jul 9, 2011

What Do You Love: A Cute Multi-stream Search Engine from Google. Key in what you "love" and see what comes up!

What Do You Love (WDYL) is a a multi-search engine from Google that in my opinion, aims to facilitate topic exploration by providing people with a visual/multimedia array of "widgets" that provide tempting glimpses of a range of options for digging deeper into a topic.  

Words really can't explain it.  I suggest you try it out.  It is fun to see what comes up. Below is a screen shot of part of what came up when I keyed in "Interactive Multimedia Technology".   (If you are a regular reader of this blog, you'll notice that the picture widget includes pictures I've posted on this blog over the past several years.)

Key in your name and variations of your name to see what comes up.  Apparently there are a bazillion pictures of me in cyberspace, taken by my husband while I was relaxing on a cruise, one of my favorite pastimes:

CHI 2011 WDYL Search Results
Google's What Do You Love (WDYL) Multi-Search
Rob D. Young, Search Engine Watch, 6/29/11
Google Asks "What Do You Love?" With New Service
Brennon Slattery, PCWorld, 6/28/11
What do you love? Google knows.
Regina Hope Sinsky, Venture Beat, 6/28/11

Thanks to Farhad Javidi for the link!

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