Aug 19, 2011

Role of Data in Interactive Multiplatform Storytelling, via iTVT (video and links)

There is a lot of things going on in the field of interactive multi-platform media!

The following videos from iTVT's StoryCentric video column are worth taking the time to abosrb. In the videos, Brian Seth Hurst, CEO of The Opportunity Management Company, interviews Gunther Sonnenfeld, SVP of Cultural Innovation and Applied Technology at Omnicom-subsidiary RAPP. The role of data in interactive multi-platform storytelling is the main focus of their discussion. 


According to the iTVT website, "StoryCentric focuses on the business, technology and art of interactive storytelling, and highlights new technologies and other industry developments that have the potential to fundamentally change the way we create and interact with stories and narratives--in television and beyond."

iTVT (Interactive TV Today)
New Edition of StoryCentric Focuses on the Role of Data in Multiplatform Storytelling
Tracy Swedlow, iTVT 8/4/11
New Edition of StoryCentric Features Seth Hurst's Interview with RAPP's Gunther Sonenfeld Tracy Swedlow, iTVT, 8/18/11

A Literacy of the Imagination (Gunther Sonnenfeld's Blog)

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