Aug 5, 2011

NodeBeat HD 1.5 Upgrade, an iOS Music Sequencer: Fun to Play on my iPad!

NodeBeat HD 1.5 - iOS Music Sequencer from AffinityBlue on Vimeo.

Below is information about NodeBeat 1.5 from the Vimeo website:

"This is a brief video showcasing some of the new features in NodeBeat HD 1.5. The same features will be coming to the iPhone/iPod Touch version of NodeBeat in the coming weeks."

"New Features Include:

- Entirely new user interface design
- Drag and drop new nodes
- Drum Generator Node
- Sine, Triangle, Sawtooth, and Square waveform selection
- Tempo and BPM controls
- Compress recording for faster e-mailing of recordings
- Create ringtones from recordings
- Sleep Timer. Now you can fall asleep to NodeBeat
- Shake to Clear Screen
- 5 Finger multitouch reset all"
"NodeBeat is an experimental node-based audio sequencer and generative music application for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad."

(Just 99 cents!)

NodeBeat website

NodeBeat iTunes Preview

Play and Experiment with Music on your iPad/Pod/Phone with NodeBeat iOS Music Sequencer by Affinity Blue by Seth Sandler and Justin Windle  (previous post)

NodeBeat: Create and View Musical Soundscapes
iPad Creative, 5/31/11

Seth Sandler     Justin Windle

Baby playing NodeBeat 1.0 -using fingers and toes:

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