Oct 16, 2011

GOOGLE LABS R.I.P.: My favorite thing about Google is GONE!

RIP GOOGLE LABS      : O     : <        :  (        :  {        :  \        :  [      

I visited Google Labs today and this is what I found:

Here are a few articles and posts about this topic:
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Harry McCracken, Technologizer, 7/20/11
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Alex Armstrong, I Programmer, 10/16/11
Google takes the axe to Buzz and others, focuses on Google+
Meghan Kelly, SocialBeat 10/14/11
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John C. Dvorak, PC Magazine, 7/22/11
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The Official Google Blog 7/20/11
Larry Page's Remarks

I was able to find some links to Google Code Labs at http://code.google.com/intl/en/labs/

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