Oct 20, 2011

T(ether): Next-Gen Data Gloves + iPad - just what I need for the colder weather! (quick post)

"T(ether) is a novel spatial aware display that supports intuitive interaction with volumetric data. The display acts as a window affording users a perspective view of three- dimensional data through tracking of head position and orientation. T(ether) creates a 1:1 mapping between real and virtual coordinate space allowing immersive exploration of the joint domain. Our system creates a shared workspace in which co-located or remote users can collaborate in both the real and virtual worlds. The system allows input through capacitive touch on the display and a motion-tracked glove. When placed behind the display, the user’s hand extends into the virtual world, enabling the user to interact with objects directly." -Vimeo

For more pictures and information, see the following post on the Creative Applications Network website: 
T(ether) [Cinder]
Filip Visnjic

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