Dec 9, 2011

Quick Link: The Remote- Death by Voice Control?

Voice Control, the End of the TV Remote? Samsung, LG, and others are racing to bring voice control to the TV Set 
Peter Burrows and Cliff Edwards, Bloomberg Businessweek, 12/7/11

"Most consumers’ first opportunity to talk to their TVs—and have them listen—will be through voice-enabled apps for their smartphone or tablet."

I look forward to seeing if/how Apple TV uses Siri as a remote control!

Product Details
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Jakob Nielsen, Alertbox, 6/7/04  
(A great read, still holds true in 2011!)

Lynn Marentette, Interactive Multimedia Technology, 10/12/10

Harry Brignull, 90 percent of everything, 10/6/10

Bad hospital TV remote control:

Instructions for my last remote control:

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