Feb 4, 2012

Flight of the Fireflies, an Interactive Musical Poem/Game for the iPad, by Woolly Robot (video trailer)

Flight of the Fireflies An interactive musical poem/game for the iPad:

Flight of the Fireflies – Trailer from Woolly Robot on Vimeo.

"The fireflies are leaving the city, looking for a new home. Let your touch guide them as they soar through the skies. Find more fireflies to keep them company. Alone each firefly is just a note; together they're a symphony...Flight of the Fireflies is an interactive musical poem that takes you on a journey through places and emotions. Whether you see it as an experimental game or as an interactive artwork, you will not be left untouched."  -Jonathan Hise Kaldma/Woolly Robot

Flight of the Fireflies App (iTunes Store Link)
Flight of the Fireflies Website

Where I found this:
Creative Applications Network
"CreativeApplications.Net [CAN] was launched in October 2008 by architect, lecturer and new media technologist Filip Visnjic and is one of today’s most authoritative digital art blogs. The site tirelessly beat reports innovation across the field and catalogues projects, tools and platforms relevant to the intersection of art, media and technology. CAN is also known for uncovering and contextualising noteworthy work featured on the festival and gallery circuit, executed within the commercial realm or developed as academic research. Contributions from key artists and theorists such as Casey Reas, Joshua Noble, Jer Thorp, Paul Prudence, Greg J. Smith, Marius Watz, Matt Pearson as well as Filip’s numerous festival involvements and curation engagements are a testament to CAN’s vital role within the digital arts world today." -CAN

Other guest writers for Creative Applications Network are Mike Tucker, David Wallin,  Emilio Gomariz, Andreas Zecher, Jason Franzen, and Richard Almond. Alexander Scholz is a contributing editor.

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