Feb 15, 2012

Makego: Turn your iPhone into a vehicle, by creative digital artist Chris O'Shea

Chris O'Shea is an artist and designer who uses technology in creative and innovative ways. He's known for his "Hand from Above" outdoor installations.  His latest creation is Makego, is an app for the iPhone that bridges the digital with the real world.  Children can create a small vehicle out of Legos that can serve as a place to set an iPhone, running the app, and move the vehicle about a larger space.  In the examples below, the children have created scenes using crayons, paper, and colored art foam.

"Makego turns your iPhone / iPod Touch into a toy vehicle. It encourages fun, open ended collaborative play between parent and child. Combining creativity and imagination with the virtual world on screen. Select your vehicle within Makego, then interact with the drivers and their world through animations and sound. This release has 3 vehicles to play with: a race car, ice-cream truck, and river boat. More vehicle are coming later". -Chris O'Shea

The application is now available for $1.99 on the App Store

Makego from Chris O'Shea on Vimeo.

Chris O'Shea's Website

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