Apr 22, 2012

Children's Drawings Projected on Buckingham Palace and BBC's Public Big Screens in the UK

Children's self-portraits cover Buckingham Palace (News UK)

Children in the UK were asked to create self-portraits for a special arts project designed to celebrate the Queen's Jubilee. The self-portraits were digitized and transformed to create a media facade that was projected on Buckingham Palace. This example of digital art for public viewing was shared on a number of large screen displays in public spaces around the UK.

This project was part of Face Britain.  All children in the UK were invited to submit a self-portrait in an attempt to create the largest on-line gallery of self-portraits in the world.

Below is a video about the media facade:

Photo credit: Face Britain

from Children & the Arts on Vimeo.

Below are some examples of how BBC's large displays are used for interactive games in public spaces:

BBC's Big Screen Games in Public Spaces:

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