May 31, 2007

Microsoft Surface multi touch screen table - I wish I had one for my projects last semester!

Microsoft Research recently unveiled Microsoft Surface:

This multi - touch table can be used for a variety of applications, as outlined in the video from CNET and YouTube below:

I'd like to work on applications for use on a touch-table to support students with special needs, especially those who have autism spectrum disorders.

Last semester, I worked on prototype applications for use on a touch-screen surface -here is a photo. We used a
NextWindow Human Touch large-screen display, which provided great screen resolution and touch-response.

This application was part of a travel-planning prototype developed for a course in Human-Computer Interaction. The application was demonstrated on a NextWindow Human Touch large screen display. Would it work on the iPhone?

Update: Examples from some of my other posts:

Here is another demo videoclip of a globe created in GoogleEarth using photo-overlays, with links to video clips uploaded to YouTube and embedded in individual posts on a blog. The above photo and the video clip show the application on a NextWindow Human Touch large-screen display.

This application would be great on a touch-table or touch-table set up on a drafting board. Although it was designed for a travel-planning application, it would work well in educational settings in subjects such as geography.

Poetry Picture Share

This was my first attempt at a "poetry picture share" application. It was designed for use on a multi-touch table and can be accessed remotely so people in different places can move things around on the screen. The video shows how the application works on a NextWindow Human Touch interactive large-screen display.

I am planning on adapting this application for use with students with special needs, such as those who have autism or other communication disorders.

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