Aug 6, 2007

About Displays

From time-to-time I will share information about displays under the heading "About Displays"

Why? When I set out to learn more about display hardware and related technologies that support interactive multimedia applications, I quickly discovered that things are changing - fast. Some of the technology is complex.

I will post a list of research articles and related information soon. I know that my list is missing some pieces, as it is difficult to keep up with important changes. For this reason, I'm asking my readers to help me out by posting a comment about display-related information to share with others when you come across something interesting and useful.

Here is an example of something worth sharing:

Dolby Acquires BrightSide

"The DR37-P is a spectacular breakthrough in display technology. It uses an array of individually modulated LED backlights to provide 10 times the brightness and 100 times the contrast of existing television and computer monitors. The Extreme Dynamic Range display delivers more vibrant images, enabling you to see information onscreen in vivid detail."

"In an HDR-enabled display, the backlight consists of an array of ultrahigh-brightness white or tricolor light-emitting diodes (LEDs). Each LED can be controlled individually—faster than video refresh rates. The lower-resolution LED image is then projected through a standard LCD panel, which displays a high-resolution version of the image, resulting in a vibrant display."

A display with HDR technology might be something to consider for use with people with visual impairments, which are more commen among the elderly.

Links to whitepapers, screen shots, and interactive demos are welcome!

HDRInteractive Demo

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