Aug 7, 2007

About Interaction and Wireless Handheld Devices: Mediascapes and Create-A-Scape, and mscapers

If you are interested in learning more about Mediascapes (mscapes) and Create-A-Scape, the educational version of mscapes, take a look my recent post and related video clip on the TechPsych blog.


Futurelab's Create-A-Scape website

Hewlett-Packard's mscapers website

"Mediascapes are mobile, location-based experiences that incorporate digital media with the sights, sounds, and textures of the world around you. A mediascape blends digital images, video, audio and interactions with the physical landscape. Games, guided walks, tours, and destinations are among the mediascapes created to date. Download a mediascape onto a portable device, and see how your landscape comes alive as you move through the environment." -Hewlett-Packard

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