Aug 19, 2007

About: Roomba - Human Family Interaction (NSF)

The National Science Foundation has a great article about a researcher from Carnegie-Mellon, Jodi Forlizzi who studies how families interact with their "adopted" Roombas.

Although Roombas were intended to function as lowly vacuums, when hacked, they just might have some interactive multimedia potential! Having a Roomba in the family room- and the classroom - might be a way to interest young people in exploring engineering and technology.

NSF article

Techeblog article with video clips and link to some downloadable code, if you are so inclined:

Five Top Roomba Hacks

1. Roomba Frogger Redux
2. Super Roomba with airsoft gun and laser sight
3. Caroling Roombas
4. Wiimote + Roomba
5. Cellphone-controlled Roomba

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