Jul 31, 2008

Catchyoo's Interactive Touch-screen on the Panasonic Road Show

Lm3Labs/Catchyoo's application was featured on a giant Panasonic interactive touch-screen display. The ripple effect looked intriguing:

Cathyoo on Panasonic's national roadshow from Nicolas Loeillot on Vimeo.

Lm3Labs focuses on interactive applications that harness the power of computer vision. Although much of what I've seen has been retail and market-related, they are also involved with innovative interactive museum displays:
Lm3Labs: Interactive Museum Solutions featuring ubiq'window and Catchyoo

Wouldn't this sort of interactivity be fun in our schools? How about at the public library? It is a leap or two ahead of the interactive whiteboards.

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Satya said...

Thanks, good information !!

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