Jul 15, 2008

More Multi-touch: Dell's Latitude XT tablet now comes with a multi-touch upgrade!

This is exciting news for multi-touch enthusiasts. Dell's Latitude XT tablet now offers a free multi-touch upgrade, according to a recent Engadget post, written by Paul Miller. Here is some information from Dell's website:

Dell Propels Laptop Innovation with First Multi-touch Convertable Tablet, Larger Solid State Drive

A word of caution about the following video demonstrating the mutli-touch capabilities of Dell's Lattitude XT. The guys presenting aren't related to Jeff Hans. You won't see the "Wow" factor that creative multi-touch applications can provide.

Photo from NotebookReview.com:

"The new capabilities include:
  • Scroll – by placing two fingers on the screen and moving them horizontally or vertically customers can easily navigate in web browsers and productivity applications.
  • Zoom – by touching the screen with two fingers and moving them together customers can zoom various content in and out, such as pictures or Web pages.
  • Programmable double-tap – customers can program a command, such as launching a Web browser or turning the screen off to save power, that will respond to two taps with two fingers."
From an earlier post on the Dell website:

"The Latitude XT is designed with the future in mind with the capability to support multi-touch. As the technology matures, the system can serve as a premiere development platform for applications that can take advantage of multi-touch."

“By integrating our DuoSense technology into the Latitude XT, Dell creates the ultimate machine destined to lead the tablet PC market,” said Amihai Ben-David, CEO of N-trig. “Customers using the new Latitude XT will find that the zero pressure touch combined with the accurate stylus changes the usability of tablet PCs. Once they try it, they won’t want to go back.”

The multi-touch gesture upgrade should be available by Tuesday, July 15th, 2008, at http://support.dell.com.

No need to wait until Microsoft unleashes Windows 7, right?

I think we'll need developers to create cool interactive websites that are fully optimized for multi-touch interaction, don't you? I have a few ideas for online games and more.

Multi-touch technology certainly has a place in education.
I would love to use this with some of the students with autism that I work with. (A donation towards my multi-touch technology fund would be greatly appreciated.)

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