Jul 18, 2008

Natural User Interface: Overview of multi-touch technology and application development by Harry van der Veen,- Business to Buttons

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Harry van der Veen from Natural User Interface Europe AB, was one of the keynote speakers at the Business to Buttons: Designing for Effect conference, held in June 2008.
In this presentation video, Harry discusses the past, present, and future of multi-touch technology, and reviews the importance of multi-touch over single touch displays. He also provides a good overview of gesture interaction, something that he researched when he was a student. This presentation includes several video examples of multi-touch applications in action.

The presentation is well worth the 30-minute view!

"Harry van der Veen is a Bachelor of Multimedia, derived from the Dutch education Communication, Multimedia and Design, focused on Interaction Design and Project Management. He is CEO, co-founder and co-owner of the Sweden based commercial company Natural User Interface Europe AB, which focuses on delivering standardized and customized multi-touch hardware / software solutions and services to the global market. In addition to that, he co-founded the NUIGroup community, which is the worlds largest online platform where a global network of people share their ideas and information in an open source community, focused on multi-touch hardware and software solutions."

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NUIGroup Community

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Harry van der Veen's blog

Natural User Interface Europe AB (Harry van der Veen's company)

NUIGroup Wiki: This wiki includes tutorials for developing multi-touch applications, building your own low-cost multi-touch table, and information about current projects that are in progress.

Related Information:

The Business to Buttons: Designing for Effect conference was held on June 12-12 in Malmo, Sweden, organized by Malmo University and inUse, a user experience consultancy. Partners in this conference included Adaptive Path, a product experience strategy and design company, Patrick W. Jordan, a design, marketing, and brand strategist, the cocktail, a user experience and interaction design studio, cooper, a product design company, and OresundIT, a non-profit network.

Don Norman, the author of books such as "Design of Everyday Things" and "The Design of Future Things", presented at this conference. Don Norman is one of the founding fathers of the Human-Computer Interaction and related fields, and is the co-founder of the Nielsen Norman Group, a consultant firm that helps company create human-centered products.

Videos of Don Norman's Presentations:
Emotional Design: Total User Experience
Cautious Cars and Cantankerous Kitchens

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