Jun 5, 2009

White House Blog: Interactive Debategraph for Open Government Transparency.

Infoviz for Government!

I came across the following graphic of the interactive "Debategraph" from the White House Blog:

Debategraph screenshot

When you visit the Debategraph website, you can click on each item to see things reconfigured according to your selection. You can link to the site by clicking on the above graphic.

According to the Whitehouse Blog post, "Debategraph is a visual policy mapping tool that is being used for running citizen engagement on climate change in Europe. Debategraph translated our
mindmap of the redacted transparency proposals into the interactive Debategraph. In this format, the different proposals are rateable, addressable, and open to collaborative editing. People can also add supporting and opposing arguments to the proposals. "The aim with visual policy maps of this kind is to collaboratively weave together all of the salient proposals and arguments dispersed through the community into a single rich, transparent structure—in which each idea and argument is expressed just once—so that anyone can explore quickly and gain a good sense of the perceived merits of the relevant choices," says David Price, Debategraph's co-founder."

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