Jun 2, 2009

Updates about NextWindow and Stantum; Upcoming Emerging Displays Technologies Conference

Here is a brief update about two companies that I follow:

NextWindow Granted Key Optical Touch Screen Patents (pdf)
Pleasanton, CA – June 1, 2009 – "NextWindow, the leader in optical touch screens for all-in-one PCs and large-format displays, has been awarded two key technology patents, one in the US and another in China. The newly granted patents which refer to optical touch systems incorporating light emitters, reflectors and detection methods, help cement NextWindow’s leadership positions in the important Chinese manufacturing and US sales markets"

"The US patent, number 7,538,759, issued by the United States Patent & Trademark Office on May 26, 2009, is titled, “Touch Panel Display System with Illumination and Detection Provided from a Single Edge.” NextWindow previously was granted this patent in Australia , and a request for patent is pending in Canada , Europe, Hong Kong and Japan ..."

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Stantum Granted Key Patents on Its Multi-Touch Technology

BORDEAUX, France, June 1, 2009 – "Stantum, a pioneer developer of multi-touch solutions and systems since 2002, announced today that both the European Patent Office and the China Patent & Trademark Office have granted patents (EP1719047 and CN100447723C, respectively) to Stantum on its multi-touch technology."

"In 2004, under its former name, JazzMutant, Stantum became the first company ever to develop and bring to market a multi-touch electronic device – the award-winning Lemur remote controller for creative professionals. The recently granted European and Chinese patents extend the original patent filed in France in February 2004."

"The patents describe a method and a system for controlling electronic devices by manipulating graphic objects on a transparent multi-contact touch panel. Beyond the process enabling the detection and tracking of an unlimited number of simultaneous contact points on a touch screen, the patents disclose various multi-touch interaction techniques, such as applying specific behavior to graphic objects according to finger gestures...."

Stantum's Quarterly Newsletter

Here is an industry-related 1-day conference that looks interesting!

2009 Emerging Display Technologies Conference: Innovation for the Next Wave of Growth

"Emerging display technologies offer alternative performance, cost, design, and business models to mainstream display technologies. From touch screens, flexible displays, OLED displays, e-paper displays, and pocket projectors to 3D displays, this 1-day conference will explore how new display technologies can bring innovative form factors, attractive visual performance, power saving, and potentially drive growth in the near future."

Thursday, September 3, 2009 8:00 AM - 5:30 PM

San Jose Marriott
301 S. Market Street
San Jose, California 95113

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