Jun 15, 2009

My Summer Emerging Technology "Wish to Play" List!

Yes, it is summer, and I need new sunglasses. But not the usual kind.

I just had to post this picture from the Optical Vision Site. Too bad "iShades" are just in the prototype level of development.

There are other fashionable options:

Wearable 3D Augmented Reality displays go high resolution Wearable 3D Augmented Reality displays go high resolution

Maybe this prototype would look better:
Photo from the Wired Gadget Lab

Or perhaps this pair?
Human Media Lab at Queen's University

I guess the glasses will help me interact with the next in emerging technology: the organic user interface!
Twp guys and their flexible "gummi".

And here is the next-gen version of Readius, a flexible pocket e-book from Polymer Vision. (I posted a video clip of the earlier version of "Readius" on YouTube two years ago.)
Half opened Readius

(Photo from Engaget: "Polymer Vision has Readius ready to go, needs case to get it out of the door".)

You can learn more about organic and flexible user interfaces from a video on the Daily Planet Discovery Channel. Organic user interfaces allows computers to take any shape or form. The concept reminds me of the flexible haptic interfaces I've dreamt about.

So what what else is emerging?

Here are a couple of pictures of a Google Earth browser on a spherical screen:

And here is a smaller, collapsible multi-touch sphere from Moxia:

More to come!

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