Jun 6, 2009

Information about Touch Screens, Multi-Touch, & Gesture Interaction is Spreading

Since the news about Windows 7 multi-touch capabilities has spread around, I haven't had enough time to keep up all of information related to multi-touch interaction. Fortunately there are a few bloggers out there who are doing a great job filling in the gaps.

The Touch User Interface blog has a wealth of information in the form of pictures, video clips, slides, and links that I'd like to share.

The following slideshow/videos were highlighted in the Touch User Interface blog post, "Touch UI: HCI Viewpoint":

Untold Stories of Touch, Gesture, & NUI

Joe Fletcher, Design Manager, Microsoft Surface

Touch and Gesture Computing, What You Haven't Heard
Dan Saffer

Other posts of interest on the Touch User Interface blog:
Touch screens and vision impairment
Link: Designing the Palm Pre: An Interview with Michelle Koh

Touch User Interface Overview

I've updated some additional information about UX,interactive multimedia, multi-touch, and gesture interaction on my Multimedia and Interaction Resources page, which is a work in progress.

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