Dec 17, 2009

Sensacell Modular Interactive Surface Technology: Interactive Art in NYC

Interactive surfaces continue to crop up in public spaces.  Today I came across information about Sensacell, an interface system consisting of "smart" modules that can be put together to form a communication network. The system integrates non-contact sensors that can detect people and objects up to six feet away, and this sensing can occur even through glass, plastics, wood, and so forth.  The sensors are capable of tracking environmental changes.

The Sensacell Corporation is led by Leo Fernekes and is often used to support interactive art  and related displays in public spaces. The most recent installation is located in Manhattan and can be accessed by peop on the street.

Robert Stratton Interactive Art

According to the information on the YouTube video, the Sensacell Interactive LED Wall was created with Max/MSP/Jitter.

"The artwork by Robert Stratton entitled semiboneless transforms the storefront window into an electronic interactive canvas that senses hand movements through the window glass, allowing the viewer to interact and influence the behavior of the piece- art that begs to be touched." (YouTube description)

"The work is located at 141 East 33rd Street, on the north-east corner of Lexington Ave. and 33rd St. in Manhattan, New York. The exhibition will run from 12/14/2009 though 1/12/2010 and is viewable 24 hours day. The artwork is installed in a large storefront window of a street level retail space." (PR Web 12/17/09)

Sensacell: Below is a video of an 8 x 8 LED Wall Sensacell Module

Working with Sensacell: Modular Interactive Proximity Sensor and Lighting System (pdf)
Sensacell Corporation Presents an Interactive Storefront Art Installation by Artist Robert Stratton  (PRWeb, 12/17/09)
Robert Stratton Interactive Art
Chashama (An arts group - provided space for the interactive art installation.)
"chashama supports thriving cultural communities by transforming temporarily vacant properties into spaces where art can flourish. By recycling and repurposing buildings in transition, we invest in neighborhoods, foster local artists, and sustain a vast range of creativity and culture."

Sensacell has been around for a while
2005 post:   Sensacell  (Interactive Architecture blog)

Sensacell Interactive Floor

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