May 10, 2010

HTC Incredible: My Mother's Day Present

I'm chained to Verizon as my cell phone carrier due to my family. That's why I don't have an iPhone. When I was asked what I wanted for Mother's day, I squinted at the screen of my HTC Eris and said I wanted something with a bigger screen.

I don't need reading glasses to read the newspaper, books, or magazines...yet, but I found that I was grabbing my husband's glasses to read my Eris.  Who wants to keep up with reading glasses just to deal with a cell phone?   I don't.

Here is a video from CNET that gives a nice overview of the Incredible's features:

I am happy to say that I love this phone.   I don't need reading glasses to use it.  The only things I couldn't read all of the fine print that was displayed during the initial set-up.  In my excitement to get things set up, I think I might have opted in for more than I wanted!

For some reason, I now have every contact I've ever made, all on this phone,  with phone numbers of people that I never have called,  courtesy of Facebook, I assume.  I'll have to spend some time organizing this mess later on. I'll also have to hunt for my husband's reading glasses after work today to read the fine print and make the correct privacy settings!

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