May 14, 2010

Google Street View captured more than a shot of your house - it captured your wireless data "by mistake"!

Via Reuters:

Google says mistakenly got wireless data
Alexei Oreskovic, 5/14/10

"Google Inc said its fleet of cars responsible for photographing streets around the world have for several years accidentally collected personal information -- which a security expert said could include email messages and passwords -- sent by consumers over wireless networks....Google did not specify what kind of data the high-tech cars collected, but a security expert said that email content and passwords for many users, as well as general Web surfing activity, could easily have been caught in Google's dragnet."

Blog post from Google:
WiFi data collection:  An Update  5/14/10

Time to make sure your home WiFi network is secure - and don't forget to check your Facebook privacy settings!

How to Password-Protect Your WiFi Network

Google Says It Collected Private Data By Mistake
Brad Stone, New York Times, 5/14/10

Please explain: why Google wants your Wi-Fi data
Louisa Hearn, The Sydney Morning Herald 5/13/10

Facebook and Privacy Issues: Reflections about the ever-changing interfaces of Facebook and the growing number of Facebook-connected websites (IMT)

Five Hidden Dangers of Facebook: Security Expert on Big Risks You Should Be Aware You're Taking When You Use the Site (CBS) 

Managing your privacy on Facebook;
Facebook downplays privacy criticism (Maggie Shiels)
BBC News, 5/14/10

1 comment:

anton said...

They might have used scanned wireless networks for location correlation along with the GPS info in areas where GPS data corrupts or has very low singnal (SNR) .
The android based phones do that from the G1 I think.