May 14, 2010

Quick Post/Link: digitalculturebooks: New Media Studies & Digital Humanities at University of Michigan

I graduated from the University of Michigan years ago and would have been thrilled to participate in a project such as the new "digitalculturalbooks".  Sadly, the my undergraduate education pre-dated the internet and the explosion of engaging technologies!  

Here is information about digitalculturebooks from the "about" section of the website, via graduate student Jonathan Tarr:

digitalculturebooks is an imprint of the University of Michigan Press and the Scholarly Publishing Office of the University of Michigan Library dedicated to publishing innovative work in new media studies and the emerging field of digital humanities. digitalculturebooks seeks to explore all aspects of new media and its impact on society, culture, and scholarly communication and will present work that exhibits and advances the understanding of the relationship between humanities and digital technologies. The imprint aspires to both investigate and demonstrate new forms of scholarly practice in the humanities.
digitalculturebooks is an experimental publishing strategy with a strong research component. By making our content available in print and online, we intend to:
  • develop an open and participatory publishing model that adheres to the highest scholarly standards of review and documentation;
  • develop a model for press/library collaboration at Michigan and elsewhere;
  • showcase and extend Michigan's leading role in the development of digital resources;
  • encourage and participate in a national dialogue about the future of scholarly communication.

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