May 13, 2010

Gesture Vocabulary from N-Trig: "N-act Hands-on"

N-Trig is a company founded in 1999 that provides pen and multi-touch solutions that integrate into LCDs and other devices, and provides opportunities for independent software vendors (ISVs) and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to create new interactive and hands-on computing experiences, according to the company's profile. The latest news about N-Trig's interactive capabilities was outlined in a recent article by DanaWollman, in Laptop:

I found the following video from N-Trig on YouTube, released on 5/11/10, that shows the new gesture set that is supported by N-Trig:

The N-act Gesture Set (depicted in the video below)
N-act3SideSweep for browsing, use fingers together for browsing
N-act2+1 - select from a displayed menu
N-act3Tap- displays open windows in a 3D carousel
N-act3Hold-rotates the 3D carousel
N-act2Scroll- scroll through a document
N-act2Tap-minimizes the open window, displays the desktop
N-act1Touch- select an item on the screen
N-act4Tap-displays customized, relevant list of web page icons; selected text/item is pasted into the chosen app.
N-act4Zoom-magnifies a movable selected area of the screen
N-act4Select-selects an area and opens a context sensitive menu

Here is the promotional information from the YouTube video:
"This video demonstrates the N-trig N-act Gesture Vocabulary, a set of true multi-touch gestures for two plus one, three- and four-fingers, enabling users to perform an action directly on the screen, and providing a rich set of hand movements that enhance the overall user experience, enabling a whole new approach to how we interact with our computing devices, for a true Hands-on computing experience."


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