May 7, 2010

The attracTable is Coming Soon: Sony will launch a high-definition touch and gesture- interactive tabletop, using Actracsys's technology!

Sony will be introducing a full high-definition interactive table, a result of a collaboration with the Swiss company Atracsys.

EXCLUSIVE: Sony atracTable to take on Microsoft Surface from JuneatracTable Baselworld 2009 reference 3

(At about 2:14 in the video below, there is a demonstration of an application that recognizes facial features and expressions, which are used to control and manipulate images on the screen.)
Images from the Sony Stand at Vision 2009

Here is an "overview" video that shows a number of uses for the Attractable:

Here is a version of the atracTable, using a tangible user interface to create music:

Here is the "Nespresso" table, which provides people with information about the type of coffee that you are drinking. It makes more sense as demonstrated in the video.
Atracsys @ Baselworld 2010

beMerlin:  Interactive gesture-based application for retail:

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