Oct 24, 2010

Augmented Reality Eyeglasses: I AM geeky enough to make this fashion statement!

Jason Sosa tweeted about the latest trend, the AR Walker, augmented reality for your glasses. This technology from NTT DoCoMo allows you to instantly access location-based information about the things around you. This would be very convenient for people walking about in urban areas, or for tourists. The system also provides easy access to other kinds of information. For example, if you look up towards the sky, you'll get weather information...beyond what you'd figure out on your own.

Of course, the fashionable get-up is in the prototype stage, so you won't be able be seen in public with the newest type of shades anytime soon. For more information, see the video below:


Total Immersion's Partner Success Story: Demo Reel of AR&Co in Indonesia

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TechnoCharmer said...

Excellent article!

I posted something similar on my blog a few weeks ago stating that ‘AR information glasses’ wasn’t too far away and it seems I was right! I also talked about the next phase of Augmented Reality devices, including AR contact lenses – the next logical step. Feel free to have a read and let me know what you think the future holds! http://technocharmer.blogspot.com/2010/10/future-of-augmented-reality.html

Looking forward to your next post!

Lynn Marentette said...

@technocharmer, the link you provided was broken, so I went to your blog and read the following post.

I think people will go for this sort of thing if it is fits the budget, is very easy to use, provides great value, and provides a good measure of usefulness. We need to compare the new technology and all of the "bells and whistles" to what is currently available, digital and non-digital.