Oct 12, 2010

Oh! No! Sony's "Mother of Remote Controls" for Google TV. 74 Buttons and Counting.

Today we switched from DISH to Time Warner Cable, and tonight I had to battle with a new remote control, the UR5U-8780L.  The experience with this remote led me to search for something better. What a coincidence!  In this day and age of touch-screens,  I was hoping for something better than....

Sony's Mother of Remote Controls!

-From the SonyStyle website: Television, meet internet.

I first learned of this complex addition to the world of TV/Internet surfing from an article and a video in a recent article in Engadget:  Sony's Google TV controller outed on ABC's Nightline (video) Ross Miller,10/5/10.  Harry Brignull also posted about the new controller- Sony, Sony, what have you done?
(Harry is a UX Consultant at Madgex, and author of the 90percent of everything blog.)

ABC Video, via engadget

It is 2010, and with TVs connected to the internet, we'll be interacting with content in ways we could only dream of in the recent past.  Interactive TV is here.  Do I really have to push a lot of buttons in order to have the best "interactive" experience?  

Xfinity Remote Prototype for the iPad

Turn Your iPhone into a TV Remote Samuel Axon, Mashable/Apple
L5 Remote: Turn your iPhone or iPod touch into a universal remote control:
L5 remote

Not Yet Available:  Vizio's XRT100 touchscreen remote

My Fancy New Remote, Instructions Included:

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