Oct 6, 2010

Interview of Gillian Hayes: Interactive Visual Supports for Children with Autism

Gillian Hayes is an Assistant Professor in Informatics in the School of Information and Computer Science and the School of Education at UC Irvine.  Some of her research has focused on the use of interactive technologies with children who have autism. She recently was interviewed about a feature article she co-authored that was published in Personal and Ubiquitous Computing:  Interactive Visual Supports for Children with Autism.

The interview can be found on the following Facebook Notes page:


Gillian is the editor of an upcoming  special issue of Personal and Ubiquitous Computing on the topic in of technologies for autism.

Some links from the interview:

Gillian's paper in PUC 
(Personal and Ubiquitous Computing)
PUC theme issue on Technologies for Autism
Gillian Hayes
Gillian talks about autism and technology

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