Oct 16, 2010

In Honor of Benoit Mandelbrot: Fractals on the Web -Julia Set, set to the video of Jonathan Coultron's "Mandelbrot Set", +more

It must be true : (

The NY Times reports that Benoit Mandelbrot has died at age 85. According to the Times, he passed away on Thursday October 14, 2010, at a hospice in Cambridge, Mass. He had suffered from pancreatic cancer, the same disease that took the life of another one of my inspirational heroes, HCI researcher and computer scientist, Randy Pausch.

"A music video for Jonathan Coulton's song Mandelbrot Set by Pisut Wisessing made in Film 324: Cornell Summer Animation Workshop, taught by animator Lynn Tomlinson every summer for Cornell's summer session, in the department of Theatre, Film & Dance." -Summerkitechenstudio YouTube Channe

I was hoping against hope that the news of Mandelbrot's passing was just a rumor designed by some graduate students to study fractal patterns of social networking. My hunch was a long shot, and I was wrong.

Mandelbrot's seminal book, The Fractal Geometry of Nature (1982)

The Fractal Geometry of Nature

Wikipedia:  Fractals
(lots of pictures & animations)
Fractal Generating Software

A few examples of Fractals, from a Google image search

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