Oct 22, 2008

bgC3: A new think tank for Microsoft's Bill Gates? via Todd Bishop and TechFlash

I'm on a Microsoft roll this week.

When I checked out a post by Marshall Kirkpatrick on the ReadWrite web today, noticed a link to an article about "Bill Gates' Mysterious new company", bgC3
, writtten by Todd Bishop, co-founder and managing editor of TechFlash, and author of the Todd Bishop's Microsoft Blog.

I know that Gates predicts that every surface will one day be a computer. Maybe his new company will be addressing this concept behind the scenes?

"Federal trademark filings provide more clues – describing bgC3 as a think tank, under a generic trademark classification that corresponds broadly to areas including "scientific and technological services," "industrial analysis and research," and "design and development of computer hardware and software."...The “bg” is Bill Gates, the insider says, but the “C” stands for “catalyst.” The idea is that Gates will play that role as he brings together new people and ideas."

For more information about surface computing, read my previous post, "The Internet of Surfaces? Microsoft's Pete Thompson discusses screens and surfaces of all sizes"

If you've heard more about the focus bgC3 LLC, leave a comment!

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harleycw said...

I just hope it can benefit education. Bill needs to use his expertise to help educate our children, not just get everyone a computer. What use is the computer without great educational tools for children.