Oct 17, 2008

Time for More Touch! NASA's collaborative multi-touch table by Gesturetek and Inhance Digital Corporation; HP touch-screen notebook; NextWindow

NASA Multi-Touch Illuminate Table
This is a picture of Gesturetek's interactive multi-touch installation for the NASA Moon Station exhibit, at the Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama. Inhance Digital Corporation collaborated with Gesturetek on this project too create a multi-user game that teaches players about one of NASA's lunar outposts.

Read the press release for more information and links related to Gesturetek's multi-touch-multi-point display. Inhanced Digital Corporation's website is worth the visit. The company is involved with a variety of interactive project, including the "Connected Home", in cooperation with Cisco Systems.

According to an article in the Wall Street Journal (10/16/08), Hewlett-Packard will unveil a touch-screen notebook. Frog Design, the company that developed the touch-screen browser-interface on the HP Touchsmart PC is working on this product.

To learn more about Frog Design and HP touch-screen technology, go to the source and read this post on GeekTieGuy's blog: The cat's finally out of the bag..

I happen to love my HP TouchSmart. (Secret: It can handle at least duo-touch input, since it has a NextWindow touch screen interface)

More from NextWindow:

Campbell Live Set
103-inch display for election coverage in New Zealand.

Collaborative project between NextWindow and Nemes for a museum application.

It is good to see more touch screen technology in museums... Next step, the classroom?


BitBoy said...

Lynn, thanks for your blog! I'm doing research on prototyping kiosk and touch screen interfaces and I'm wondering if you've come across any good links or case studies where the HP Touchsmart has been used as the platform for these kinds of applications. Compared to other more sophisticated touch interfaces (eg Surface) the Touchsmart seems like a compelling way to prototype touch interfaces. Are there any guides to working with or hacking the Touchsmart for this purpose? Thanks!

Lynn Marentette said...


FingerTapps has done some multi-touch programming using the HP TouchSmart. GeekTieGuy is the person who did the TouchSmart interface. You can get the multi-touch demo code from the NextWindow website.

I play around with my HP TouchSmart interface ideas when I can... and there are more websites that work well with touch-screen interaction.

Rumor has it that FireFox might support multi-touch...