Oct 18, 2008

Even more touch! Paper Four - Capacitive Touch Paper; NUI at DreamHack 2008...

When I first started writing about interactive touch-screen technology and multi-touch, there really wasn't much going on. Things have changed over the past couple of years.

Below is a video clip of Paper Four, via Touch User Interface, of a capacitive touch paper developed by researchers at the Mid Sweden University. Sensing electrodes are printed on the paper with conductive ink:

Natural User Interface will be demonstrating multi-touch applications at the upcoming DreamHack Winter 2008 festival November 27-30. DreamHack is known as the world's largest LAN party and computer festival. For more information, see my post on the Technology Supported Human World Interaction blog.

Multi-touch & Surface Computing Thoughts:

Despite the downturn in the global economy, I truly feel in my heart that collaborative multi-touch, or surface computing, will be an important "movement", on many levels. I think that it will enable people to gain a deeper understanding and enjoyment of ideas & concepts.

It is new way of expression and communication, with the potential to support learning, exploring, music, art, cooperation, gaming, and more effective information visualization &
data-driven decision making.

Not too many people really "get" the concept of multi-touch - surface computing. Yet.

Those who do seem to be creative, forward thinking, thoughtful, and optimistic.
Important characteristics to have during these trying times!

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