Jul 19, 2009

Global Imagination's Magic Planet: An Interactive Digital Sphere

Global Imagination's Magic Planet is getting around. It is an interactive digital sphere that has been featured in a variety of museum exhibits, but has also been used for promotions and in educational settings.

According to the Global Imagination website,
"Global Imagination® makes the Magic Planet® digital video globe - the digital display with a sphere-shaped screen. We also supply software, content and services that enable you to present global information and promotional media in the most compelling and interactive way possible."

"The Magic Planet: a digital video globe that displays real-time weather and earthquake information and a dramatic animation of the shifting continents from today back 400 million years".

For a closer look at the Magic Planet, visit Global Imagination's picture gallery page. The products page provides pictures and descriptions of Global Imagination's hardware and extensive range of software choices, including touch screen templates, end-user applications, and developer tools. You can also download the Magic Planet brochure.

The video of the Magic Planet from 2007, from the Asian Tsunami Exhibit at Yale, can can be viewed on

For your convenience, here are links to the companies that partner with Global Imagination:


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