Jul 1, 2009

Human Media Lab's Organic User Interfaces and Interactive Sphere

The following video is of an interactive sphere prototype created by Josh Marble and John Bolton (members of NUI Group), from Human Media Lab at Queens University in Canada:

"DYI Multi-Touch Spherical Display"

I shared some information about the Human Media Lab's emerging technology in a previous post,
My Summer Emerging Technology "Wish to Play" List. Here is some more information about the lab:

"The Human Media Lab is Canada's premier media laboratory. Its mandate is to develop disruptive technologies and new ways of working with computers that are viable 10 to 20 years from now. We are currently working on the design of Organic User Interfaces (Oui!), an exciting new paradigm that allows computers to have any shape or form."

I would love to visit this lab. Perhaps they are working on flexible haptic interfaces, or other stuff of dreams.

(I'm on a cruise ship with limited Internet access, so I'll post more when I have the opportunity!)

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