Jun 3, 2010

For a smile: Revisiting the Past: IBM and Muppet Films (via my nephew)

My nephew shared a link to a post about the IBM Muppet Show on the Technologizer blog, so I followed the link and decided the topic was worthy of a quick post.

IBM Muppet Show
-IBM Muppet Show,  Technologizer  Harry McCracken  5/31/10

Cookie Monster and a Fully Computerized Coffee Machine
"A computerized coffee machine is a great boon to mankind"

A look at a promo for old IBM technology, produced by Jim Henson.
"IBM can help you with the time it takes to do the paperwork"
"Machines Should Work, People Should Think."


Kermit the Frog on the topic of successful selling, for IBM:

Welcome Aboard: A Muppet Cruise to Computer Literacy
(Game produced for Broderbund for the Commodore 64)

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