Jul 16, 2009

Off Topic: My Summer Vacation Pictures

The pictures were taken in Scotland, Norway, Ireland, England, and France.


Anonymous said...

Wherever I went this summer there seemed to be more people behind a screen recording the moment than being 'in the moment'.I wondered what they took away beyond their trophy to be uploaded to Facebook.

Several summers ago I walked around the Mayan ruins at Palenque.I came across this wonderful American man who was somewhere in his 70´s and a paper maker by trade. He was sat drawing and when I finished my walk around the ruins - hours later - there he was in the very same place still drawing the same scene.Here was a man opting for depth of experience over quantity.

Now it's not that Im techno-squeamish far from it - Im an ICT teacher in a junior school and I relish exploring new technology with children, but these screens everywhere with people standing behind them - its beginning to make me feel uneasy.

Lynn Marentette said...

I noticed the same thing during my trip.

Everywhere I went, people were taking pictures. I couldn't make my way in the crowds to linger at the pictures at a museum, so I decided to get out my camera and take pictures of people taking pictures.

My best pictures were taken when I was alone or when there were very few people around.

The art of drawing or painting "en plein air" has nearly vanished. Monet painted outdoors, and a walk through his gardens explains it all. I have the pictures to prove it : )