Jul 6, 2010

Multi-touch and NUI News: NUITEQ's Multi-touch Snowflake Suite for Windows 7

NUITEQ is a company that has been involved in multi-touch technologies for the past few years, and works diligently at ensuring that it keeps up with the evolution in interactive displays and software.  The company's Snowflake Suite is now available for Windows 7, and is compatible with 3M Touch Systems, N-trig, NextWindow, Lumino, and other third-party platforms.  

Here is the current compatibility list, and also a list of Snowflake Suite for Winodws 7 features:

* NextWindow platforms like HP TouchSmart IQ500, IQ770, IQ800 series and the Dell Studio One (all 2 touch)
* N-trig platforms like HP TouchSmart TX2, Dell Latitude XT/XT2 and others
* 3M Touch Systems multi-touch kit
* Lumio platforms
* dreaMTouch
* PQ Labs
* Wacom

Snowflake Suite for Windows 7 Features

* Detailed user manual included with FAQ
* Developed on fast and reliable C++ platform
* Intuitive
* Customizable backgrounds, logo's, images, 3d models, videos etc
* Gesture recognition library
* TUIO / OSC (Open Sound Control) support (sending and receiving events)
* Low level API
* Hardware accelerated rendering
* Support for wide variety of media types (jpg,jpeg,tga,png,dds,gif,tif, tiff, bmp,mov,avi,wav,ogg)
* Advanced window handler that supports scaling and rotation
* Audio support
* Multi-threaded resource handler (For fast data visualization)

Snowflake Suite is also compatible with the following systems:

"The 3M multi-touch displays support up to 20 finger touches simultaneously and come with a one year warranty. NUITEQ's Snowflake Suite, is included at no additional charge, offering the benefits of a complete bundled product of hardware and software, being the perfect solution to get started with multi-touch technology."

Photo Credit: NUITEQ

Case Study
"NUITEC freely assisted handicapped children with their education, by applying multi-touch technology for Action For Kids, a UK based national charity working with children and young people with physical and learning disabilities.The children used NUITEQ’s award winning multi-touch software product Snowflake Suite, to enhance their way of learning, by offering a more playful and intuitive solution, in comparison to conventional learning methods."

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