Jul 15, 2010

Interactions Magazine: Cover story by Dennis Littky, looking at the UX of high schools and colleges.

I'm out and about with no time to blog. Even so, I had to post a link to one of my favorite magazines, ACM's Interactions. Here is the introduction to the most recent issue, which comes with membership in ACM SIGCHI:
interactions, XVII.4

July / August, 2010

The cover story of a recent issue of Interactions Magazine is written by Dennis Littky, who focuses on ways to improve the success of our high schools and colleges, from a UX perspective:
Cover Story
Time Goes By, Everything Looks the Same. 

Full article for Free! 

interactions: subtlety and change

Full article for Free! 
"There are some strange changes under way in our world. We constantly hear the refrain of the massive chaos around us, yet the allure of such a large, looming flux may distract us from something more important: the countless tiny, nuanced, and fundamental ways in which our culture and society are advancing. This issue of interactions describes these subtleties and teases them out of the greater topics that we've grown accustomed to discussing: environmental change, the role of education and government in a technological society, and the nature of behavior."

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