Jul 1, 2010

Reactable Live! at Sonar Barcelona 2010 - (You can see one at Discovery Place in Charlotte, NC.)

I like music technology. I like interactive, tangible table systems.  I like the Reactable!

To understand this system, see it in action!

Below is a video of Reactable Live!, Performed at Sonar Barcelona 2010 on June 18th. The music and performance is by Carles Lopez, and the video was by Marc Morera.

"Reactable in Concert by Carles L√≥pez sounds like electronic house, minimal, electro, techno, idm, dnb…"

Here is a video of children playing with the Reactable, at Sonar Kids, Barcelona, 2009:

I recently learned that there is a Reactable in my hometown!
The Reactable Experience was installed at Discovery Place in Charlotte.  Discovery Place is the children's science museum for the metropolitan Charlotte, N.C. region. Below is a picture from the Discovery Place museum:

The Reactable is part of a new exhibition, "Think it up"  Here's the description from the Discovery Place website:

"The Reactable is a cutting edge electronic musical instrument merged with a visual experience. Special objects are placed on a translucent surface which trigger sound clips and audio modulation. The sound produced by the objects is represented visually on the surface, providing feedback and guidance for the creation of new music."

This version of the Reactable is for museums, science centers, schools, universities, and other public spaces.  It is an outgrowth of the original Reactable that was designed for musicians. This version is intuitive and invites people to share and create music collaboratively.

Reactable Experience brochure (pdf)

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