Feb 9, 2011

Quick Link: Eight Inspirational Interactive HTML5 Sites, plus "how-to" links, via Innovative Interactivity (II)-Tracy Boyer

I'm moving up from HTML to HTML5, and I'm pretty sure that I'm not the only one in the world that is doing so... for that reason, I'm sharing a link to great HTML5 resources.

Enjoy exploring the HTML5 creations! 

Eight Inspirational Interactive HTML5 Sites
Tracy Boyer, Innovative Interactivity (II), 2/8/11  

For your convenience, I've borrowed a few links from Tracy's post:
HTML5 Gallery
12 Fun & Clever Examples of HTML5
10 Addictive Games That (ACTUALLY) Demonstrate The Power Of HTML5 Technology
HTML5 – Examples of interactive graphics, infographics and interactivity
Presenting an HTML5 Interactive Infographic

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