Feb 22, 2011

Urban Ministries of Duram's online serious game, SPENT: Can you make it through the month on $1,000.00? (via Tracy Boyer)

SPENT is an online serious game that is a result of a collaboration between the ad agency McKinney and Urban Ministries of Durham, N.C.    The game was launched this month to help increase community awareness about the needs of people who have been negatively impacted by the on-going economic crisis - people who have lost jobs, the under-employed, and the homeless.   

The factoids provided in the game are based on data (see link below).  One goal for presenting this information is to help players sift through the myths they might be carrying around in their heads about poverty and the realties that many people face every day.   

The game offers players the opportunity to take on different roles, make tough decisions, and see the results of these decisions. 

The game is a call to action.

McKinney launches Spent, an interactive game about poverty
Tracy Boyer, Innovative Interactivity, 2/21/11
Sources for the data/information provided in SPENT (pdf)
Urban Ministries of Durham
WhiteNoise | Lab (Sound Design for SPENT)
Emphathize Walt Barron, 5 Words (McKinney Blog)  2/8/11

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