Feb 23, 2011

Interactive Timeline "Wordle" for WikiLeaks: Explore the Cable Street Database, an Example of Interactive Journalism

What can a cloud of words tell us about foreign policy?:
"An interactive analysis of all the 250,000 documents in the so-called Cable Street database" -Aftenposten

Behind the scenes of Aftenposten's Wikileaks visualization
Tracy Boyer, Innovative Interactivity (II), 2/23/11

Eirick Wallem Fossan: Multimedia journalist and Flash developer for Aftenposten.

Comment:  I usually don't blog about political topics, but I felt that this interactive visualization was an effective method of helping the public understand the information/data shared through the Wikileaks process.  

My last post focused on the large multi-touch wall installed at a new library at North Carolina State University.  The library was designed for collaborative activities.  An interactive "Wordle" displayed on a multi-touch wall for students to explore with peers would probably be worth using!    

Public libraries, outfitted with collaborative displays, would also be great places for the people to explore all sorts of visualized data.  

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