Jan 5, 2009

IKEA's Interactive Dancing and Musical Website "Welcome to the Closet", via Kinetic Interface

Doug Fox, of the Kinetic Interface blog (part of Great Dance), shared IKEA's new promotional site that allows for tons of multimedia interaction. The website features a series of rooms to highlight various products.

Visit Come into the Closet!
IKEA Interactive Multimedia Game

Unlike most static, or even flash-based websites, the user has control over many dimensions of experience:

  • Simply watch the dancers and listen to the music, navigating from room to room
  • Control the dancers by tapping on your computer's keyboard
  • Control the dancers by clapping, singing, or making other noises
  • Combine tapping your keys while watching and listening
  • Upload your own Mp3's and watch the dancers dance

According to Duncan, of the The Inspiration Room Daily, the site won an award at the Epica Awards.


Here is a video preview of some of the dance interaction in the site:




Duncan, of the Inspiration Room, also posted credit information regarding the IKEA website:

The following credits were posted by Duncan on the Inspiration Room Daily:

"The site was developed at Forsman Bodenfors, Sweden by web director Mathias Appelblad, copywriter Fredrik Jansson, art director Anders Eklind, designers Anton Robsarve and Christoffer Persson, agency producers Peter Gaudiano, Charlotte Most, Asa Jansson, account director Philip Mascher."

"An earlier version of the site was developed in 2006, winning a Yellow Pencil at the DandDs, and can be viewed online at Forsman Bodenfors."

"Web development was done at Kokokaka, Gothenburg."

"Filming was shot by director Amir Chamdin via Chamdin & Stöhr, Stockholm, with director of photography Gosta Reiland."

"Music is by Dead Mono."


Anonymous said...

We love IKEA's quirky advertising ideas! Such a refreshing change from the constant barrage of traditional commercial hype :-). But my wife and I run www.ikeafans.com, so I'm not exactly impartial ;-).

Lynn Marentette said...

I'm in the Charlotte, N.C. area. An IKEA will be opening here soon, I think!

I took a look at your website- it is a great resource. http://www.ikeafans.com

Anonymous said...

Great fun to see our web site mentioned here. I was the agency producer for this.


Lynn Marentette said...


It must have been great fun putting it all together. It is fun to visit more than once!