Jan 8, 2009

For Techies and the Tech Curious: Multi-Touch/Gesture from the NUI-Group

If you are a new visitor to this blog and interested in interactive multimedia, you'll need to know more about the NUI-Group. Natural User Interface or ~ NUI Group is an interactive media group researching and creating open source machine sensing techniques to benefit artistic and educational applications.
(For related information, please read my recent post, Usability, Accessibility, and User Experience in a Win7 Environment.)

Seth Sandler, of the NUI-Group, sent out a great email with links and resources for people who are interested in multi-touch/gesture interaction, hardware, and/or software development. The list of NUI-Group members who have completed projects is listed below, with links to project websites as well as related threads on the NUI-Group forum.

(The information can be found on the NUI-Group Wiki, which boasts a nice icon based front-page)

Thanks, Seth, for organizing this wealth of information!

The following projects are divided up by type. (Links to information about the various types of multi-touch and gesture systems can be found near the end of this message.)

FTIR - Frustrated Total Internal Reflection

Name: Seth (cerupcat)
Project Name: AudioTouch
Project Website: http://ssandler.wordpress.com
Project Thread: http://nuigroup.com/forums/viewthread/1352/ http://nuigroup.com/forums/viewthread/2309/

Name: bassmang5
Project Name: Æ-table
Project Thread: http://nuigroup.com/forums/viewthread/3144/

Name: Daniel (Zin)
Project Name: Prometheus
Project Thread: http://nuigroup.com/forums/viewthread/2612/
Name: Carsten (carschdn)
Project Name : aTRACKtive
Project Thread: http://nuigroup.com/forums/viewthread/3223/

LLP Laser Light Plane


Name: Denis Santelli(dsan)
Project Website: http://www.touchwall.fr/
Project Thread: http://nuigroup.com/forums/viewthread/3051/

LED-LP Light-Emitting Diode Laser Plane
Name: Nolan - (PeauProductions)
Project Name: PeauProductions (LCD)
Project Website: http://peauproductions.blogspot.com/
Project Thread: http://nuigroup.com/forums/viewthread/3291/
DI - Diffused Illumination
Name: Seth (cerupcat)
Project Name: MTmini
Project Website: http://ssandler.wordpress.com/MTmini
Project Thread: http://nuigroup.com/forums/viewthread/1731/

Name: Fairlane
Project Name: ORION v2
Project Website: http://orionmultitouch.blogspot.com/
Project Thread: http://nuigroup.com/forums/viewthread/1709/
Name: Abdullah (EfeNDy)
Project Name: EfeNDy’s Diffused Illumination MT
Project Thread: http://nuigroup.com/forums/viewthread/3176/
Name: Sandor
Project Name: EXPO REAL 2008
Project Website: http://vimeo.com/2240537
Project Thread: http://nuigroup.com/forums/viewthread/3576/
Name: Matthew (MatthewW)
Project Name: Design Garage
Project Website: http://www.gotuasciencecenter.org/
Project Thread: http://nuigroup.com/forums/viewthread/3730/


Name: Jimi Hertz
Project Name: Touchless Wall
Project Website: http://sassexperience.org/projettouchwall.html
(try: http://sassexperience.org/multitouch/inprogress.html )
Project Thread: http://nuigroup.com/forums/viewthread/2414/

YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KCFbWPf37jw

Other Types:
DSI Diffused Screen Illumination



Tips for Success

Thanks to all NUI-Group members who have been working so hard at this mission!

I'll end this post with a YouTube video created by Jimi Hertz, a NUI-Group member. "MULTI-TOUCHLESS WALL HOW TO?"

I especially like the music!

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