Jan 26, 2009

SPARSH: DYI demo of an open-source multi-touch table and applications by NUI-group members

The following video is a demonstration of "Sparsh", an interactive multi-touch FTIR table built in eight weeks by a group of engineering students in India. Most of the information regarding the hardware and software you see running on this low-cost system can be found on the open-source NUI-group website, forums, and wiki.

Sparsh Multitouch Display from anirudh on Vimeo.

I especially like the multi-touch DJ application!

For more information, view the posts related to the NUI group on this blog.

Sparsh Website


Antonio B Duarte Jr said...

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Anonymous said...

great video :) who are these guys ? are you in touch with them personally

Lynn Marentette said...

The guys are members of the NUI-Group, and so am I.

Do a search on the NUI-Group forums for anirudh or "sparsh".