Jan 13, 2009

Interacting and Communicating with HP TouchSmart Notes: Photo, Video, Audio, and More

The HP TouchSmart Notes application can be used in a variety of interesting ways. I have an HP TouchSmart PC, and I like how easy it is to slide the notes about the screen using this multi-modal application. It allows the user to take capture pictures, video, or audio to create notes, as well as traditional "stickies" that allow for typing or finger-writing input. You can even draw or write over photos. It is an application that has many accessibility features. It also supports many of the principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL).

The various notes can be put together in a variety of ways, and allow for video or photo storytelling and interesting ways of leaving messages- even a song or two.

I did some hunting and found the more information about some non-verbal students with autism who are learning verbal skills through this technology at Hope Technology School in Palo Alto, California.

Video of student using the HP TouchSmart Notes application at Hope Technology School:

Here are a few "How Two" videos that demonstrate the TouchSmart Notes features and interactions:

HP TouchSmart Voice Notes

TouchSmart Text Notes

The pictures below are from the HP TouchSmart Notes Application Review , by Peter Redmer 11/14/08

Text/Drawing Note Creation Panel

Icons for selecting input method for notes

Photo notes input panel:

You can draw on your photo-notes:

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