Jan 9, 2009

Interactive Multimedia and Multi-touch at CES

I received couple of interesting links about interactive multimedia applications from Anthony Uhrick, of NextWindow, who is attending CES (Consumer Electronics Show). (NextWindow is the company who produces large touch-screen displays that have duo and multi-touch capabilities.)

Kevin Kennedy and his team at InterKnowlogy partnered with Zygote 3D Human Anatomy and Intermountain Health Care to develop a health care application developed in Windows Presentation Foundation to run on Microsoft's multi-touch Surface computing table.

The application supports collaboration between health care professionals and could also support collaboration between patients and doctors as well. Aspects of the application could be useful for patient education.

I really liked the part that demonstrates how you can zoom deeply into the 3D heart and look at things from various angles.


Best of InterKnowlogy Surface:

The above video demos an application that might be useful for teaching history with an interesting timeline interface dial.

Visit InterKnowlogy for more videos and information about what they are doing with Windows Presentation & Silverlight as partners with Microsoft's Surface team.

If you are interested in more 3D anatomy, visit Zygote's 3D Human Anatomy site and 3D Science. If you are an educator, you'll see that 3D interaction has potential for creating more engaging science and health education lessons!

Another interesting link is to TouchTV Networks, which has partnered with companies such as Vectorform, who are also working with multi-touch applications using Windows Presentation Foundation.

Video from TouchTV Networks of CES 2009 Demo:

Vectorform's Virtual Drum Kit application:

Vectorform's Surface at School - demonstrates how this can be used in a classroom:

Vectorform's Surface DJ

Does anyone want to give me a multi-touch table?

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