Jan 8, 2009

Lyrics to Demand, Suply Rap and Link to Chapter 1 of Professor Mankiw's Econ Textbook (Cross-Post)

One of the popular posts on the Economic Sounds and Sights blog contains this link to the "Demand, Supply" rap, created by Rhythm, Rhyme, Results, an educational music company located in Cambridge, M.A.

Joyce Santos was kind enough to post the lyrics to the rap, which I've posted below. The rap is was inspired by Harvard professor Greg Mankiw's ten principles of economics. These principles can be downloaded from the following link:

Chapter 1: Ten Principles of Economics (pdf)

Principles of Economics, Fourth Edition N.Greg Mankiw

Lyrics to Demand, Supply Rap, by Rhythm, Rhyme, Results
Via Joyce Santos

Music to Teach Core Academic Concepts: A Look at Rhythm, Rhyme, Results

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